Times spent on LINE and Instagram grow in Japan, and both of the SNS are top two in satisfaction

The latest ICT Research & Consulting survey on the SNS trend finds that SNS users of Japan are expected to reach 64.51 million by the end of 2015, which account for 65% of all internet users, and 69.12 million with the user rate of 69.2% by the end of 2017, boosted by increase in 40 years old or older users.

SNS with the highest user rate was LINE (57.5%), overwhelmingly surpassing Twitter (36.6%) and Facebook (34.7%). Skype (11.4%), Google+(11.4%), Instagram (+10.9%) and mixi (10.1%) were followed.

In terms of time spent on SNS, the high answer rate of “more spent time” was found in LINE (51.7%) and Instagram (77.3%) particularly. On other SNSs, the answer rate of “not much more than before” accounted for 50 to 60%. The ratio of users spending one hour or more a day was 33.7% on LINE, 35.5% on Twitter and 18.6% on Facebook.

The top user satisfaction SNS was Instagram (74.2 points), followed by LINE (73.3 points) and Twitter (70.9%), according to the questionnaire research in July 2015.

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