Travel consumption in Japan increased by 3.2 trillion JPY to 24.8 trillion JPY in 2015

Japan Tourism Agency announced that travel consumption in Japan, combined travel in Japan, inbound travel by international visitors and outbound travel by Japanese travelers (domestic spending), increased from 21.6 trillion JPY in 2014 to 24.8 trillion JPY in 2015.

Out of the yearly total, consumption on travel in Japan was up 10.8% year on year to 20.4 trillion JPY, which were the same level in 2010 before the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the breakdown was 4.6 trillion JPY for daytrips (+1.5%) and 15.8 trillion JPY for overnight trips (+13.8%). The growth mainly resulted from consumers’ positive reaction from raise in consumption tax in 2014, travel motivation by open of the Hokuriku Shinkansen and longer Silver Week holiday period in September, according to Japan Tourism Agency.


Japanese travelers in Japan were up 1.6% to 647.2 million in 2015, which comprised 313 million overnight travelers (+5.3%) and 292 million day-trippers (-2.1%).

The average budget a traveler in Japan was up 9.1% to 33,750 JPY. In detail, the average budget a overnight traveler was 50,520 JPY (+8.1%), and the average budget a day-tripper 15,758 JPY (+3.6%).

The total travel consumption of 24.8 trillion JPY in 2015 consisted of 15.8 trillion JPY for overnight travels in Japan, 4.6 trillion JPY for day-trippers in Japan, 1 trillion JPY for outbound travels by Japanese (domestic spending) and 3.5 trillion JPY for inbound travelers by international visitors.

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