Travel spending in Japan by Japanese travelers recovered to the 2019 level in Q4 of 2022

Japan Tourism Agency announced that the total amount of Japanese travel consumption was up 47.5% year on year to 5.1 trillion JPY in the 4th quarter of 2022(October to December 2022), which recovered to a just 0.6% reduction compared to the same period of 2019. The total consisted of 4.1 trillion JPY for overnight trips (up 4.5% over 2019) and 90 million JPY for day trips (down 18.7% over 2019).


The total number of travelers was up 23.5% year on year to 111 million, which were 216.6% fewer travelers than 2019. Overnight travelers were up 29.5% to 65 million (down 5.6% over 2019), and day travelers were up 16.9% to 45.7 million (down 28.5% over 2019).

Travel spending a traveler was up 19.4% year on year to 45,147JPY, which were 19.2% more than even 2019. It was up 18.6% to 63,028 JPY for overnight trip (up 10.7% over 2019) and up 7.9% to 19,751JPY for day trip (up 13.7% over 2019).

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