Year-on-year comparison of visitors to Japan from U.S., Australia and U.K in 2019

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)’s statistics for 2019 finds that Japan received 1,723,900 from U.S. (+12.9% year on year), 621,800 from Australia (+12.6%) and 424,200 visitors from U.K. (+27.0%), all of which were record-high on an annual basis.

The graph below shows yearly changes of visitors from the four markets in the last decade:


In December 2019 only, visitors were 144,500 from U.S. (+13.9%), 72,700 from Australia (+14.3%) and 27,700 from U.K. (+21.0%).

The graph below shows monthly changes of visitors from the four markets in 2019:


Visitors from U.S. were record-high in every month of 2019, reaching 1.7 million a year for the first time, and in March, a cherry blossom month, particularly, the number reached record-high 176,564 on a monthly basis.

Visitors from Australia were also record-high in every month of 2019, especially boosted by Rugby World Cup 2019 in October and November. Also, the extension of air network between Japan and Australia helped increase visitors to Japan. 

Visitors from U.K. through 2019 were approximately 90,000 more than a year ago, boosted by the Rugby World Cup 2019.

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