37% of Japanese people know a talked-about audio app ‘Clubhouse,’ and 5% want to use it

The Cross Marketing’s survey on SNS users in Japan finds that the awareness of ‘Clubhouse,’ a talked-about audio communication app, is 37% on average in the age range between 20 years old and 69 years old. The rate rises to 47% among 20s. 

The ratio of ‘I use it now’ is just 1%, and ‘I have used it before’ is 2%. Regarding to willingness to use it, the ratio of ‘I want to use it’ is 14% among 20s, much higher than 5% overall.

Among other SNS apps, Twitter is the most-wanted-use app with the ratio of 38%, followed by Instagram with 35%. The image-oriented apps are more preferred by females (34%) than by males (19%). 

Amid the pandemic, 26% say, ‘I use SNS more frequently than before,’ and the ratio reaches 61% among 20s females. Other answers are ‘I increase following someone on SNS (6%)’ or ‘I increase posting on SNS (5%).’


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