90% of international visitors to Japan in the summer say that it was hot and humid in Tokyo

The Japan Tourism Agency’s awareness survey on summer in Tokyo finds that 89% of all targeted international visitors answered that Tokyo was hot and humid, combined ‘strongly agree (46%)’ and ‘agree (43%).’ The ratios were particularly high among visitors from North America (99%) and Europe and Australia (98%). Also, 83% answered that they knew Tokyo was hot and humid before coming to Japan. 

According to the survey results, they felt hot and humid when they walked outside (93%), when they watched sports outside (70%), when they waited for railways or buses (38%) or even when they watched sports inside (36%). 

Information they want about hot and humid weather includes ‘weather information in Tokyo (63%),’ ‘places to cool down (53%),’ ‘ways to a destination without walking outside (40%)’ or ‘goods to cool down (30%).’ 

Also, they selected ‘SNS (30%)’ and ‘individual blogs (25%)’ as useful information sources before coming to Japan and ‘weather report app (30%)’ and ‘information from hotels or ryokans they stayed (22%)’ in traveling Japan. Information sources of JNTO or travel companies were not used so much with the ratio of 20% or below.


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