A leading Japanese travel company sells space balloon journey lifting up to an altitude of 30 km at 17 million JPY

HIS, one of leading Japanese travel companies, has begun selling ‘Journey to the Edge of Space’ with space balloon ‘Spaceship Neptune’ operated by U.S.-based Space Perspective. HIS signed a agency contract in Japan and Canada with the Space Perspective, and Qualita, a HIS subsidiary, opened a special booking website on January 18 2023.

The journey, lifting up to an altitude of 30 km, an entrance to the space, is scheduled to be performed in the late half of 2024. The price is $125,000 a passenger plus 550,000 JPY as a commission to Qualita. According to HIS, more than 1,000 have booked the journey globally, and the tours in 2024 have already sold out. 

Space Perspective×QUALITA

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