ANA ends FY2018 with record-high operating revenue of more than 2 trillion JPY

ANA Holdings announced its consolidated financial results for FY2018 ended March 31 2019, reporting operating revenue of 2,058.3 billion JPY (4.4%), operating income of 165 billion JPY (+0.3%), ordinary income of 156.6 billion JPY (-2.5%) and Net income attributable to owners of the parent of 110.7 billion JPY (-23%). ANA Holdings posted a special income through acquisition of Peach Aviation as a 100% subsidiary. 

For international passenger service, both the number of passengers and revenue increased year-on-year due to strong business demand originating in Japan and the capture of robust inbound demand. ANA extended the international network with an increase in flight frequency on Haneda-Bangkok in June 2018, launch of code-share services with Alitalia in October and new Haneda-Vienna services in February 2019. In terms of sales and service, efforts were made to improve convenience for customers by commencing the use of miles to award Premium Economy tickets and book upgrades from Economy Class tickets.

As a result, international passenger service revenue was up 9.1% to 651.5 billion JPY, as the number of international flight passengers was up 3.6% to 10,093,000. ASK was up 2.5%, and RPK up 3.3%. The load factor was 77.0%, 0.6 higher points than a year ago.

For domestic passenger service, although there were factors such as repeated natural disasters and the cancellation of flights due to inspection and maintenance of Rolls-Royce engines, both the number of passengers and revenue increased year-on-year because of steady business demand and demand for domestic travel by visitors to Japan from overseas.

As a result, domestic passenger service revenue was up 1.0% to 696.6 billion JPY, as the number of domestic flight passengers was up 0.4% to 44,325,000. ASK was up 0.1%, and RPK up 1.1%. The load factor was 69.6%.

ANA Holdings has forecasted operating revenue of 2,150 billion JPY, operating income of 165 billion JPY, ordinary income of 160 billion JPY and net income of 108 billion JPY for FY2019 ended March 31 2020. 

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