ANA increases both its consolidated revenue and income in the first half of FY2017 (until 30 September)

ANA Holdings posted an operating revenue of 985 billion JPY (+11.3%), operating expenses of 869.9 billion JPY (+9.4%), an operating income of 115 billion JPY (+28.5%), an ordinary income of 112.7 billion JPY (+35.1%), and a net income attributable to owners of the parent company of 118.3 billion JPY (+106.1%) for the first half of FY2017, which ended on 30 September 2017. The record-high consolidated financial result included a special income from the incorporation of Peach Aviation as a consolidated subsidiary.

Regarding the services for international passengers, ANA managed to carry more inbound travelers to Japan as well as more business travelers from Japan than a year earlier. This growth is notably attributed to an increase in the number of flights on the Haneda-Jakarta route and to an upgrade of the aircrafts on the Haneda & Narita-Honolulu routes. 

As a result, the revenue from international passengers increased by 14%, reaching 295.5 billion JPY with 4,761,000 travellers (+6.3%). ASK was up 8.1%, and RPK was up 8.3%. The load factor was 75.8%, almost the same level as a year earlier.

Regarding the services for domestic passengers, ANA carried 22,499,000 travellers (+4.6%) as it reached more business travellers and as it captured more demand by proposing various discounts matching customer trends. ANA further expanded its network of domestic routes by opening a new Nagoya (Chubu)-Miyako route in June and by adding a late night "Galaxy Flight" on the Haneda-Okinawa route during the summer holiday season.

As a result, the revenue from domestic passengers was up 2.2%, reaching 355.1 billion JPY. ASK was down 0.6%, while RPK was up 4.6%. The load factor was 68.2%, 3.5 points higher than a year earlier.

Based on the result of this semester, ANA Holdings revised its financial forecasts up for the full fiscal year of 2017, which will end on 31 March 2018: operating revenue of 1,925 billion yen (instead of 1,910 billion yen), operating income of 160 billion yen (instead of 150 billion yen), ordinary income of 150 billion yen (instead of 140 billion yen) and net income attributable to owners of the parent company of 132 billion yen (instead of 125 billion yen).

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