ANA revises the full-year financial forecast upward, considerably increasing revenue from passenger flight business

ANA has revised upward the full-year financial forecast for FY2023 ending March 31 2024 because ANA has earned much more revenue from passenger flight business than initially planned. ANA said that it has successfully earned higher-fare passengers on international flights and increased leisure travelers on domestic flights.

ANA has revised revenue from 1.97 trillion JPY to 2.03 trillion JPY, operating income from 140 billion JPY to 190 billion JPY, ordinary income from 115 billion JPY to 190 billion JPY and net income from 80 billion JPY to 130 billion JPY. 

Revenue for Q3 of FY2023 ending December 31 2023 totaled 1.54 trillion JPY. As operating expenses were just up 174 billion JPY to 1.33 trillion JPY, operating income reached record-high 210 billion JPY for Q3. Ordinary income was 207 billion JPY, and net income was 148.9 billion JPY. 

Passenger revenue from the international flight business was up 89.9% to 551.5 billion JPY with a 88.5% increase in passengers (5.3 million) mainly due to steady growth of business traveler demand and surge in inbound travel demand. 

Passenger revenue from the domestic flight business was up 26.6% to 496.5 billion JPY with a 25% increase in passengers (31.1 million ). 

LCC Peach Aviation increased passengers by 25.5% to 7 million and revenue by 62.9% to 101 billion JPY thanks to a increase in inbound travelers to Japan. 

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