Domestic travel consumption by Japanese was up 8.7% to 5.4 trillion JPY in the first quarter of FY2016

Japan Tourism Agency reported that domestic travel consumption by Japanese in the first quarter of FY2016 (April to June 2016) was up 8.7% year on year to 5,461 billion JPY, which consisted of 1,411 billion JPY for day trips (+7.9%) and 4,050 billion JPY for overnight trips (+9.0%). The growth resulted from better holiday sequences in the Golden Week from late April to early May 2016, according to the agency.

Japanese travelers in Japan increased by 8.0% year on year to 167 million, which comprised 80.3 million overnight travelers (+7.6%) and 86.8 million day travelers (+8.4%).

Travel expenses per capita were up 0.6% to 32,686 JPY as a whole, up 1.3% to 50,452 JPY for overnight travel and down 0.5% to 16,253 JPY for daytrip.

The table below shows quarterly changes of travel consumption:

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