Domestic travel execution rate was record-low, and travel expenses were down 9.0% in FY2016

Jalan overnight domestic travel survey 2017, released by Recruit Lifestyle, finds that the domestic execution rate was record-low 54.8% in FY2016 ended March 31 2017. The average travels in Japan a year were 2.77, 0.09 lower points than a year earlier. Total overnight travelers were down 6.2% year on year to 143.6 million, and total guest nights were also down 5.9% to 254.1 million. 

The travel execution rates were down in all of sex generations. The rate of 50 to 79 years old females was particularly down 3.0 points to 55.6%.

Overnight travel expenses were down 9.0% to approximately 7,000 billion JPY in total, 701 billion yen less than a year earlier. The average travel expense per adult traveler was down 3% to 49,300 JPY. The average expense for a package tour was just 100 JPY less, than a year earlier, however that for a FIT was 1,600 JPY less. 

The most preferred travel companion was married couple (25.5%), followed by traveling alone (17.2%) and group travel (13.1%). The ratios of traveling alone rose among 20 to 34 years old males (29.1%) and 50 to 79 years old males (20.1%).

The prefecture with the most overnight travelers was Tokyo with 15.27 million, followed by Hokkaido with 9.88 million and Shizuoka with 7.23 million. The top three prefectures were unchanged, but overnight travelers reduced in all of the prefectures. Only eight prefectures had more overnight travelers in FY2016 than a year earlier. The highest growth was found in Saga (+16%), followed by Fukui (+11.5%) and Ibaraki (+10.0%). 

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