Guest nights in home-sharing in Japan for the first two months of 2024 were 30% more than a year ago

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) reported that the number of guest nights in lawfully-registered home-sharing properties for the first two months of 2024 was up 27.7% to 239,333 compared to a year ago. By prefecture, Tokyo had the most 132,137 guest days, followed by 26,139 guest days in Hokkaido and 12,137 guest days in Osaka. 

The longest guest nights per registered home-sharing property were 18.7 in Tokyo, followed by 15.6 days in Niigata. 

Guests were up 20.5% to 264,995 in total, which consisted of 135,152 Japanese nationals (51%) and 129,803 foreigners (49%). Compared to a year ago, Japanese guests were down 0.8%, while foreigner guests were up 1.5 times. The top source market was South Korea, followed by U.S., China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

JTA also disclosed that 39,104 have registered as home-sharing properties by March 15 2024 since the law was enforced, and out of them, 15,962 have given up their businesses. The number of registered home-sharing properties is 23,142 for now, which are 23% more than 18,780 a year ago.


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