Half of the visitors to restaurants In Kyoto City were tourists, out of which 20% were international tourists

The Kyoto City Tourism Association’s survey finds that the ratio of tourists visiting restaurants of Kyoto Restaurant Association members was 48.2% of the total in 2019. Out of the total, international tourists accounted for 20.3% with a share of 48.4% from Europe, U.S. and Australia and 51.6% from 51.6% from Asia. The average spending a customer was 10,037 JPY.

The survey also shows that the ratio of restaurants accepting cashless payments was 96.4%, and the usage rates of cashless payments were 46.5% by Japanese customers and 67.8% by foreigner customers. 

80.4% prepared menus in English, and 75% had English-speaking staff. 

In addition, the survey discovers that the number of ‘no show’ was 15.8 times a year (approximately once a month), out of which 13.7 times were caused by foreigner customers.

The survey is based on valid answers from 56 restaurants in Kyoto City, which consisted of 27 Kyoto cuisine restaurants, 17 Japanese cuisine restaurants and 12 western and Chinese cuisine restaurants. 

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