Japanese travelers tend to select booking sites based on ‘price,’ ‘reviews’ and ‘search functions’

The GSD provider Amadeus’s survey finds that the most important factor for Japanese travelers to select a booking site was ‘prices to the value of services (45%),’ followed by ‘users’ reviews (34%)’ and ‘effective search functions (19%).’

The answers of ‘longer times for search and booking than before (30%)’ outnumbered the answers of ‘shorter than before (23%).’ Also, the survey shows that one out of five (18%) stopped a booking process because they found additional charges or commissions on a booking process after searching. 


Regarding inspirations for selection of a destination, the most answers were found in ‘travel blogs or websites (44%), but other media than online were also preferred, such as ‘travel magazine (34%),’ ‘TV program (31%)’ or ‘recommendations from friends or family (28%).’ Also, the answers of ‘possibly changing a destination or an itinerary if it is an environment-friendly travel’ reached 40%. 

Interestingly, more than half of Japanese travelers wanted ‘personalized recommendations,’ and about half of them (49%) did not care about sharing of individual data for personalized bookings. 

Respondents who wanted to manage flight experiences (such as a seat or meals) by themselves accounted for 77% of the total, and 53% answered that that wanted to join airlines’ royalty programs for personalized benefits.

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