Inbound travel transactions soared by 25% in December 2014

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) reported that travel transactions of 50 major travel companies increased by 1.1% year-on-year to 525.5 billion yen in December 2014. The annual total for calendar 2014 reached 6,451.9 billion yen, which consisted of 2,247.5 billion yen for outbound travel, 4,099.4 billion yen for travel in Japan and 105 billion yen for inbound travel.

The monthly total in December 2014 consisted of 187.6 billion yen (-0.8%), 330.1 billion yen for travel in Japan (+1.8%) and 7.9 billion yen for inbound travel (+24.9%).

The monthly transactions of package tour products comprised 67.3 billion yen (-3.6%) with 295,817 customers (-1.8%) for outbound travel, 73.6 billion yen (-0.1%) with 2,746,321 customers (-6%) for travel in Japan and 428 million yen (+65.1%) with 24,037 customers (+61.5%) for inbound travel.

For the inbound travel business, H.I.S. remarkably increased transactions by 98.6% in December 2014, and Rakuten Travel and JTB also by 48.8% and by 39% respectively. For the outbound travel business in calendar 2014, the top was JTB with transactions of 43.5 billion yen, followed by H.I.S. with 35.8 billion yen, Hankyu with 12.8 billion yen, KNT-CT with 11.2 billion yen and NTA with 10.2 billion yen.

Top five Japanese travel agents' outbound travel business results over 2014 are as follows:

agents_top5_outbound_201412In Japanese 

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