Japan and Spain sign a memorandum for mutual tourism cooperation in five priority spaces

Koichi Wada, Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner, and Fernando Valdés Verelst, Secretary of State of Tourism, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Kingdom of Spain, signed a memorandum for mutual tourism cooperation on September 22 2022. The memorandum was renewed from the previous agreement signed in 2017 to review changes of tourism circumstances throughout the pandemic. 

The memorandum consists of five priorities including local tourism and sustainable tourism as new viewpoints. In addition, Japan and Spain share an idea to resume direct flight services between both of the countries as soon as possible. For now, Iberia  has still suspended its direct services for Japan. 

According to the new agreement, Japan and Spain are sharing information, experiences and knowledge, encouraging to join tourism events in each of the country and promoting public and private investments to tourism.

Five priority spaces are promotional activities and market strategies, sustainable tourism including local tourism and accessible tourism, innovations in tourism sectors, development of new tourism contents and sustainable air network between Japan and Spain. 

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