Japan Tourism Agency draws up a guideline to accept international tourists, clarifying operators’ responsibility

Japan Tourism Agency announced a guideline for tour operators, tour conductors and accommodations in accepting international package tours, which have been allowed as ease of the travel restrictions since June 10 2022. 

The guideline clarifies a responsibility for a travel company and a tour operator to offer a tour. A travel company is required to register tour applicants to the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System or ERFS and agree with a commitment form. If it breaks the rules, the name of a company can be announced officially, and it may be impossible to return to the ERFS.

Also, a travel company must explain precaution measures in Japan, including wearing mask in traveling, purchase of a medical insurance and registration to ‘Visit Japan Web’ in advance to tour applicants.

In addition, the guideline calls for a travel company to support a positive applicant (if discovered) until returning home and to identify close contact persons.

Package tours are limited to 98 countries and regions (as of June 7) in the BLUE category.


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