Japanese guest nights recovered to a 16% reduction in March 2022 compared to March 2019

Japan Tourism Agency reported that the total number of Japanese guest nights in April 2022 (provisionally) was up 49.8% year on year to 33.3 million, which were 15.6% fewer guests nights than the same month in 2019. International guest nights were up 126.1% over 2021 or down 95.5% over 2019 to 510,000 The total was up 50.6% over 2021 or down 33.4% over 2019 to 33.8 million. 


The occupancy rate was 43.2% overall, 21.8 lower points than 2019. By type of accommodation, city hotel still struggled with a 38.3 points decrease in occupancy rate due to loss of international guests. The occupancy rates were 28.4% for ryokan, 38% for resort hotel, 54.2% for budget hotel and 44.7% for city hotel.


In March 2022 (definitely), top three prefectures were Tokyo with 4.2 million guest nights (down 37.5% over 2019), Osaka with 2.1 million guest nights (down 48.7% over 2019) and Hokkaido with 1.9 million guest nights (down 34.6% over 2019).  The largest reduction was seen in Okinawa with a 53% reduction to 1.3 million. Yamaguchi increased guest nights by 4.3% even compared to March 2019. 

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