Japanese guest nights in August 2022 were up 50% year on year despite the COVID-19 7th wave

Japan Tourism Agency reported that the total number of Japanese guest nights in August 2022 (provisionally) was up 49.8% year on year to 46 million, which were 14.5% fewer guests nights than the same month in 2019. International guest nights were up 25.2% over 2021 or down 91.9% over 2019 to 770,000. The total was up 49.3% over 2021 or down 26.2% over 2019 to 46.7 million guest nights. 


The occupancy rate was 50.1% overall, higher than 47.8% in July 2022, but still19.3 lower points than 2019. By type of accommodation, the rates were 40.6% for ryokans, 54.9% for resort hotels, 58% for budget hotels and 49.6% for city hotel. The reduction rates in comparison with 2019 were 9.8 points for ryokan and 33.2 points for city hotels.


In July 2022 (definitely), top three prefectures were Tokyo with 4.9 million guest nights (down 28.1% over 2019), Hokkaido with 3.1 million guest nights (down 13.4% over 2019) and Osaka with 2.5 million guest nights (down 41.2% over 2019). Kochi, Tokushima and Yamaguchi increased guest nights even compared to July 2019. 

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