Japanese guest nights in Japan recovered to a 16% reduction in November 2020, though low occupancy rates continued in urban areas

Japan Tourism Agency announced that the total number of guest nights was down 30.2% year on year to 34.7 million in November 2020 (preliminary report), which were divided into 34.2 million Japanese guest nights (-15.7%) and 440,000 international guest nights (-95.1%). 

The monthly result of Japanese guest nights improved from a 35.2% reduction in October 2020, clearly boosted by the government’s domestic travel recovery initiative ‘Go To Travel’ beginning on July 22 2020. Also, international guest nights increased from 270,000 in October 2020 due to the limited ease of the entry rules.


The average occupancy rate was still low with 46.1%, but improved from 42.8% in October: 39.1% for ryokan (-2.8 points), 47.1% for resort hotel (-10.4 points), 54.8% for budget hotel (-25.1 points) and 50.6% for city hotel (-31.9 points), as the graph below shows.


In December 2020, guest nights and the occupancy rate are expected to decline again because ‘Go To Travel’ is suspended in the limited period between December 28 2020 and January 11 2021, maybe longer. 

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