Japanese travel agents are still struggling with a 85% decreases in sales in April 2021 compared to two years ago

Japan Tourism Agency announced that sales of 46 major travel companies increased by 255.2 % year on year to 62.4 billion JPY in total in April 2021, but the result was still 85.2% lower than April 2019.

Sales were up 297.5% to 57.2 billion JPY (down 74.8% over two years ago) for domestic travel, up 79.8% to 4.8 billion JPY (down 97.2% over two years ago) for overseas travel and down 18.9% to 410 million JPY (down 98.4% over two years ago) for inbound travel.


Sales of package tour products for domestic travel were up 571% to 13.5 billion JPY (down 83.2% over two years ago) with 415,061 customers (up 606.9% over a year ago, down 84.4% over two years ago). 


Among 46 travel companies, the top was JTB Group with sales of 24.8 billion JPY (-82.8% over two year ago). HIS reduced sales by 95.4% to 2.2 billion JPY compared to two years ago because it largely relies on the overseas travel business.

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