JTB launches a new joint venture with trip.com for the inbound travel business to Japan

JTB and trip.com have agreed to lunch a new joint venture ‘JTB Inbound Trip (preliminary name)’ to solve challenges of hospitality operators and local governments in the inbound travel market from Asia to Japan. Invested 51% by JTB and 49% by trip.com Group, the new company will be launched in October 2023. 

The new company will address expansion of distribution channels, enhancement of purchases and contents to meet travelers’ needs, enrichment of multi-languages and relaxation of over tourism in particular areas. 

They expect synergy effects between the trip.com Group’s global distribution network and the JTB’s purchase capacity. Also, trip.com Group’s knowledge can be used for tourism strategies of local communities, and JTB will take advantage of its DMC bases in 47 prefectures. 

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