JTB launches its original support tool for local tourism marketing featuring data analysis

JTB has developed ‘Area Analyzer,’ which is a cloud service for local tourism marketing for local governments and DMOs to support acquisition and analysis of data, strategy planning, KPI planning or launch of PDCA cycle. 

The new service collects data from different sources on the cloud platform to visualize them. Also, it is possible to customize combination of data and the related-services by region, which allows a user to establish their original system flexibly in tune with purposes, scales or activity terms. 

By using the support tool, a user can grasp acquisition or use timing of online coupons in real time when they are issued. Also, it is possible to quantify relevancy with online or offline advertisements, working with mobile data collected through IoT censors. 

Other merits include effect analysis of QR codes on paper pamphlets, real-time online questionnaire or sharing of visualized or quantified inquiries among members.


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