JTB REPORT 2017 shows FIT outnumbers package tours in the overseas travel market of Japan

JTB REPORT 2017, released by Japan Tourism Marketing, says that the overseas travel market of Japan in 2016 was boosted by improvement of employment environment, particularly by full-time female workers and 30’s to 50’s part-time female workers.

The most popular activity was gourmet sampling with a share of 63.2%, exceeding natural and scenic attractions, which was the top for a long time. The report says that the casual travel style was more preferred in short-range destinations like Korea or Taiwan, while travelers in long-range destinations like Europe declined.

The table below shows popular activities in travel destinations:


A share of FIT accounted for 51.3% of the total of tourism-purpose travelers, which was the majority exceeding 45.3% of package tour travelers, as the table below shows:


Travelers for Europe reduced in all of the generation segments, and a large decrease in 60’s or older was found. Instead, travel demands for Asia, Hawaii and Oceania were higher. 

The table below shows destination trends by generation:


In Japanese

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