Ministry of Transport requests a budget of 450 billion JPY for airport developments in FY2020

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has requested a budget of 451.7 billion yen for airport developments under Civil Aviation Bureau (CAB) in FY2020 starting April 1 2020. The budgetary request, 36.8 billion JPY more than the FY2019 budget, is expected to come from 87 billion JPY from general account (76 billion JPY in FY2019), 249.9 billion JPY from airport usages (237.3 billion JPY in FY2019) and 114.8 billion JPY from others (101.6 billion JPY).

For the FY2020 budget, CAB has three main basic policies: enrichment of air network for both airports in Tokyo and local airports, improvement of safety and security and promotion of aviation innovation.

To address enrichment of air network, the ministry has requested a budget of 61.6 billion JPY (61 billion JPY in FY2019) for Haneda Airport, particularly focusing on improvement of accesses to the airport.

For Narita, a budget of 4.6 billion JPY (8.1 billion JPY in FY2019) has been requested including development of CIQ for expansion of the 3rd passenger terminal.

For Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport, a budget of 7.7 billion JPY (3.1 billion JPY in FY2019) has been requested to clear off debts and to improve a hub function for Kansai International.

Regarding improvement of safety and security, the ministry has requested 3.2 billion JPY for aviation security, 65 million JPY for safe operation of small-sized aircraft, 190 million JPY for safe operation of unmanned air vehicles and 140 million JPY for safe inspections to domestic passenger aircraft (practically Mitsubishi Space Jet).

Also, the ministry will accelerate introduction of high-level airport security systems including body scanner in major airports as one of the preparations for Tokyo 2020.

For promotion of aviation innovation, the ministry has requested a budget of 50 million JPY for development of unmanned vehicle technologies, which are expected to contribute more effective ground operations at an airport, and a budget of 94 billion JPY for social application of so-called ‘flying car.’

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