MUJI brand originated in Japan will soon open MUJI HOTEL GINZA as the first MUJI HOTEL in Japan, offering fixed rates

Ryohin Keikaku, developing MUJI brand worldwide, will open MUJI HOTEL GINZA on April 4 2019 as the first MUJI HOTEL in Japan. With the basic concept of ‘anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap,’ MUJI HOTEL GINZA will open together with the global flagship store MUJI GINZA. There will be a reception and the restaurant "WA" on the sixth floor and a total of 79 guest rooms from 7th to 10th floor.

The hotel offers 79 rooms including 9 types of elongate rooms facing the window, including rooms equipped with Tatami (Japanese straw floor covering), rooms equipped with bunk bed and rooms that can host 3 to 4 customers.

Rates are fixed from 14,900 JPY for a semi-double bed type room to 55,900 JPY for a twin bed type room regardless of seasonality. 

Restaurant WA provides guests with the richness of Japanese culture through food, changing menus regularly by region. Local foods in Oita Prefecture will be served by the end of June this year. Buffet breakfast (Japanese and western) will be available at 1,800 JPY. 

On the 6th floor, ATELIER MUJI GINZA will also open for the multi-purpose facility of design and culture delivering MUJI's views and ideas for the future. It consists of five spaces: 2 "Galleries" for the exhibitions featuring craftwork and design; a "Salon" where people can talk over delicious coffee or drinks; a "Library" accommodating books related to design and arts as well as rare old books from the past; and a "Lounge" for events and workshops.

In addition, MUJI Diner will open on B1F as a place where visitors can enjoy farm-to-table "simple food.” 


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