No.1 CS travel companies in Japan are JTB and Jalpak, and JAL takes over the top airline

The fourth survey in FY2015 on Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index (JCSI), conducted by Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth, finds that JTB and Jalpak won the No.1 customer satisfaction travel agents on a tiebreaker. By index, JTB was No.1 in customer expectation, perceived quality and recommendation, and Jalpak was No.1 in customer satisfaction and perceived value. ANA Sales declined from No.1 in the previous survey to the third, although they won No.1 in royalty.

Among OTAs, Rakuten Travel ranked 2nd in royalty, and Rurubu Travel was within the top seven in perceived quality, customer satisfaction and recommendation.


In the international airline category, JAL won the No.1 customer satisfaction airline for the first time, followed by Singapore Airlines, ANA and Thai Airways. Singapore Airlines stepped down to 2nd from the top for six years in a row. ANA won No.1 in four indexes of customer expectation, perceived quality and recommendation.

In the domestic long-haul transportation category including domestic airlines and Shinkansen, Star Flyer won the No.1 for six years in a row, taking the top in four indexes of customer satisfaction, perceived value, perceived quality and recommendation. Kyushu Shinkansen was the top in all of the indexes except customer expectation, and Hokuriku Shinkansen, which opened this year, was the top in customer expectation and 2nd in perceived value and recommendation.

The following companies are subject to the survey:

<Travel>, ANA Sales (including ANA SKT WEB), H.I.S., Club Tourism, KNT, JTB,, Jalpak, NTA, Hankyu, Rakuten Travel, Rurubu Travel, Yomiuri Travel Service

<International Airline>

JAL, ANA, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, Asiana Airlines, Korean Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines

<Domestic long-haul transportation>

AIR DO, ANA, JAL, Jetstar Japan, Skymark, Star Flyer, Solaseed Air, Peach Aviation, Shinkansen (Kyushu, Jyoetsu, Sanyo, Tokaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku)

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