Oahu Island is the most popular summer vacation destination in 2016 on Expedia.co.jp

The Expedia Japan’s popular overseas destination ranking for the summer vacation period 2016 shows that the most popular overseas destination based on bookings was Oahu Island of Hawaii following the last summer. The 2nd popular destination was Taipei, up from 3rd last year, followed by Seoul, up from 5th last year.

Cheap, close and short destinations were continuously preferred, as eight out of the top ten were within eight hours flights from Japan. Another market trend was that beach resorts, like Hawaii, Guam or Bali Island, were selected, though city resorts in North America or Europe were popular a year earlier.

The followings are top 10 popular overseas destinations in the summer vacation period 2016:


The largest growth was found in Dubai with 287% up, followed by Busan with 259% up and Gold Coast with 220% up. Last year, all of the top five largest growths were found in Southeast Asia, however secondary or third cities in Korea and Taiwan were selected more.


The survey was based on overseas travels from July 16 to August 31 2016 that were booked in the period from January 1 to June 28 2016.

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