Outline of the government's leading domestic travel recovery campaign to boost the domestic travel market in Japan is unveiled

Japan Tourism Agency has unveiled outline of  the government’s initiative ‘Go To Travel’ domestic travel recovery campaign to boost the domestic travel market, which has deadly been damaged by COVID-19,  by giving Japanese travelers discount and coupon benefits. The government has budgeted about 1,700 billion JPY for ‘Go To Campaign’ including ‘Go To Travel’ under the first FY2020 supplementary budget.

Kazuyoshi Akaba, Tourism Minister, said at a news conference on June 16, “We aim to start the campaign as soon as possible.”

Go To Travel campaign supports half of overnight or day trip price a traveler, benefiting up to 20,000 JPY a traveler for an overnight trip and up to 10,000 JPY a traveler for a day trip. In terms of consecutive nights and travel frequencies during the campaign period, there is no limitation. 

Out of the total support amount, around 70% will be used for discount of travel cost, and around 30% for shopping coupons that can be used in local destinations.

Japan-based traditional travel agents, OTAs and home-sharing platforms are eligible for the campaign. Also, direct selling by accommodation providers will be qualified for the campaign. 

The campaign will benefit not only individual travelers but also group travels, such as school trip or corporate trip booked through travel agents or OTAs. 

Local shopping coupons will be allowed not only as paper coupons but also electric coupons for souvenirs, restaurants, tourist attractions or transportation in a destination. Participants for the coupon campaign should be collected by local DMOs, tourism associations commerce chambers.

Campaign scheme 

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