Sharing services are more preferred by females than by males in Japan - JustSystems survey

JustSystems, a computer software provider, recently conducted the survey on sharing economy to 551 males and females from 20 to 40 years old living in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba on its self-survey system ‘Fastask.’ The result shows that the ratio of respondents who want to be sharing service providers, like ‘airbnb’ or ‘CaFoRe,’ reached 17.1% of the total, and by sex, the ratio of females was 21.6%, higher than 14.2% of males. Likewise, the ratio of females who want to be sharing service users was 16.7%, higher than 12.2% of males.

With regard to the future expectations to sharing services, the highest rate was found in a certification system for reliability and security (51.7%), followed by rise of awareness (44.8%) and supports from corporations or local governments (41.4%). The top reasons among respondents who do not want to use sharing services were ‘because reliability of a sharing partner is unclear (60.6%)’ and ‘because individual dealing is troublesome (53.7%).’ The result shows that expansion of sharing economy requires a system to ensure reliability for both providers and users.

As for the sharing services dealing with skill, knowledge or time like ‘TimeTicket’ or ‘coconara,’ the ratios of respondents who want to be service providers were 9.4% of males and 15.5% of females. By age, the high ratios were particularly found in 20’s females (22.5%) and 30’s females (19.7%), much higher than males or other female age segments.

The user rate of the sharing service for rental of fashion items was higher in 20’s females than in any other female age segments. The ratios of respondents who want to use the service in the future were 39.4% of 20’s females, 36.7% of 30’s females and 25% of 40’s females.

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