Sixty percent of new adults in Japan travel with a partner or a spouse - Hakuhodo survey

The latest survey on new adults from 40’s to 60’s, conducted by Shin Otona Ken, New Adult Lifestyle Laboratory, of Hakuhodo, one of the Japan’s leading branding management and consulting companies, finds that the share of travel with a partner or a spouse accounted for 62% for travel in Japan and 57% for overseas travel, overwhelming travel alone, travel with a parent, a friend or a grandson.

Also, travel with a partner or a spouse had the top share of 34.6% for luxury travel. In terms of dinning out, the shares of child (58.2%) and a partner or a spouse (58.1%) were almost equal.

The table below shows who to want to travel:


In terms of the next overseas destination to visit, the top was Europe (31.9%), followed by Hawaii (26.2%), Australia or New Zealand (20.8%), America or Canada (18.6%) and Taiwan (12.5%).

In terms of preferable travel style, the top was to stay in one or two places in a travel (56.2%), followed by to enjoy nature (39.9%) and to enjoy local foods (39.7%).


In terms of attention in traveling with a partner or a spouse, the top was to tour sightseeing spots effectively (48.5%), followed by to visit places satisfying a partner’s taste or hobby (35.7%). The trend to respect a partner represents that 60’s or older travelers particularly tend to remember their dating in youth, when they fell in love, according to Hakuhodo.

The survey was conducted to 2,700 male and female samples of 40’s to 60’s in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures and the government-designated cities nationwide except Tokyo, Kumamoto and Okayama in the period from March 20 to 22 2015.

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