T Point is the most popular loyalty program for workingwomen – Net Asia survey

The latest survey on loyalty program for 1,000 working women, conducted by Net Asia, online research provider, finds that the most popular loyalty program is T Point (73.7%), followed by Ponta (69.0%), Rakuten Super Point (49.3%). Among airlines’ loyalty programs, JAL Mileage Bank is the top (10.7%), followed by ANA Mileage Club (10.5%) and Delta Air Line’s Sky Mile (1.3%).

Loyalty program ranking is as follows:

<Online mail order>

  1. T Point (73.7%)
  2. Ponta (69.0%)
  3. Rakuten Super Point (49.3%)
  4. Amazon Point (25.1%)
  5. Recruit Point (13.9%)


  1. JAL Mileage Bank (10.7%)
  2. ANA Mileage Club (10.5%)
  3. Delta Air Line’s Sky Mile (1.3%)
  4. United Airlines’ Mileage Plus (0.4%)

<Electric money>

  1. WAON Point (34.6%)
  2. nanaco Point (32.3%)
  3. Railway IC card point including Suica (21.0%)

<Mobile phone carrier>

  1. DoCoMo Point Service (4.6%)
  2. au WALLET Point Program (4.1%)
  3. Softbank Point (0.5%)

<Electronics retail store>

  1. Yamada Denki’s Yamada Point (22.3%)
  2. Yodobashi Camera’s Gold Point (11.8%)
  3. Big Camera’s Big Point (10.3%)

<Electronics retail store>

  1. Saison's Eikyu Fumets Point (11.8%)
  2. JCB's Oki Doki Point Program (3.8%)
  3. Mitsui Sumitomo Card's World Present (2.4%)

The easiest-to-save point loyalty program is T Point (67%), followed by Rakuten Super Point (64.7%) and WAON Point (52.3%), and JAL Mileage Bank (31.8%) and ANA Mileage Club (29.5%) are ranked in 7th and 9th respectively.

JAL Mileage Bank has more members saving miles in daily life (13.9%) than those saving miles on flights (9.8%), while ANA Mileage Club has more members saving miles on flights (9.8%) than those saving miles in daily life (7.8%).

Tie-ups between major loyalty programs and travel-related services are as follows:

Ponta: H.I.S. Hotel.jp, Willer Travel, Route-inn Hotels, Kokunaisen.com

*Recruit Point will be integrated into Ponta Point in the spring 2015. Net Asia accordingly analyzes that the user ratio of Ponta may reach 70% or higher of the total.

T Point: Yahoo! Travel, T Travel, Exedia, yoyaQ.com, Comfort Hotel, Tokyu Hotels, Mitsui Garden Hotels

Recruit Point: Jalan

Rakuten Super Point: Rakuten Travel

The survey was conducted to 1,000 20 to 39 years old workingwomen in the period from December 13 to 15 2014.

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