The longest average length of nights in Japan was 13.2 by a French leisure traveler in 4Q of 2017

Japan Tourism Agency reported that the average length of nights in Japan was 7.6 in the fourth quarter of 2017 (October to December). As far as leisure-purpose travel is concerned, the average was 5.7 nights, and the longest was 13.2 nights by a French traveler. Travelers from Europe and North America stayed in Japan for 10 nights or longer.

The most first time travelers to Japan were from Spain (77.3%), and more than 80% of travelers from Taiwan and Hong Kong visited Japan for the second or more times.

Regarding travel companions, the highest ratio was found in ‘with family (24.3%)’, followed by ‘alone (22.1%),’ ‘with friends (20.8%)’ and ‘with couples or a partner (17.6%).’

Regarding travel arrangement, the ratio of individual arrangement was 72.2%, which was the highest. The ratio of group tours was 19%, and individual travel packaging transportation and hotel 8.8%. More than 80% of travelers from Europe, U.S., Canada and Australia arranged their travels on an individual basis.


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