The most popular activity in Japan among Chinese visitors is to play in amusement parks

The latest awareness survey to travel in Japan and Japanese products among Chinese consumers, conducted by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), shows that Japan was the top next destination for Chinese consumers (40.2%), followed by U.S.A. (39.9%), Italy (37.4%) and France (34.9%). The ratio of Japan was 4.8 higher points than the last year’s survey result.

The most popular activity in Japan was to play in amusement parks or theme parks (60.8%), followed by dining (51.7%), shopping (50.6%), seeing cherry blossom (42.3%), onsen (24.7%) and to visit filming locations for movies or animations (11.9%), as the following graph shows:


Regarding information sources on travel in Japan, the highest ratio was found in ‘from family or friends in China (61.1%),’ followed by ‘from family or friends in Japan (47.2%) and ‘from travel companies (49.1%).’

For purchase of made-in-Japan products, the ratio of cross-boarder EC experiences reached 67.7%, and 40% of the inexperienced people showed their intentions to use cross-boarder EC in the future.

The ratio of cross-boarder EC users who repurchased products purchasing when they traveled in Japan was 40.4%, largely increasing from 22.7% in the previous survey. The most popular cross-boarder EC product was cosmetics (48.5%), followed by foods (41.6%) and medical products (35.5%).


The survey in August 2017 targeted 20 to 49 years old Chinese with monthly income of 5,000 or more Yuan living in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Wuhan. Valid answers were 1,224.

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