The occupancy rate was higher in hotels in June 2018 than before the new ‘minpaku’ law was enforced

Japan Tourism Agency reported that guest nights in June 2018 were up 3.2% year on year to 39.57 million in total, which consisted of 32.12 million Japanese guest nights (+0.2%) and record-high 7.45 million foreigner guest nights (+19.1%) for June. In June, the new ‘minpaku’ or private accommodation law was enforced.

The preliminary report for July 2018 shows 43.31 million guest nights in total (-1.3%), comprising 36.53 million Japanese guest nights (-4.8%) and 8.78 million foreigner guest nights (+17%). 

The room occupancy rate was 59.5% overall, which was the record-breaking result. The highest rate was found in Tokyo with 79.9% overall, particularly high in budget hotels with 84.6% and city hotels with 85.4%. The second highest rate was found in Osaka with 76.5% overall, 83.9% for resort hotels, 83.3% for city hotels, 75.9% for budget hotels and 61.7% for simply lodging facilities. 

By international market, China was the largest market with 1,869,920 guest nights in June 2018, increasing by 40.3% year on year, followed by Taiwan with 1,055,920 guest nights (+4.7%), Korea with 913,750 guest nights (+6.2%), U.S.A. with 541,370 guest nights (+12.9%) and Hong Kong with 512,010 guest nights (-1.0%). The top five accounted for 72.8% of the total. 

The highest growth among top 201 markets was found in Indonesia with 51.4%, followed by China with 40.3%, Vietnam with 32.4%, Italy with 30.2% and Thailand with 30%. 

By prefecture, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean guest nights each accounted for 20% of the total in Hokkaido. Taiwanese guest nights were especially high in Tohoku area except Aomori. In Tochigi and Hiroshima, U.S.A. was the biggest market with a share of about 20%. The high ratios of Chinese guest nights were found in Shizuoka with 68%, Nara with 60% and Aichi with 53%. 

The graph below shows guest nights by nationality in prefectures in June 2018:


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