Japanese younger travelers spend more money for a day trip - research by Recruit Co.

The survey on day trip, conducted by Jalan Research Center of Recruit, finds that 24.4% of all respondents performed day trips in the past year from September 2020 to August 2021. The ratio of 20s males particularly was as high as 41%, and males (29%) more enjoyed day trip than females (20%) did. 

The survey results also shows that younger travelers spent more money, as 20s and 30s males who spent 20,000 JPY or more a trip accounted for nearly 60%, while travelers who spent 20,000 JPY or less accounted for 51%.


Major purposes for a day trip were generally  ‘having fun with companions (65%),’ ‘retreating from busy daily life (61%)’ and ‘enjoying onsen and local foods (51%).’ Among 20s males, the top purpose was ‘experiencing unknown places (62%),’ and the ratio of ‘enjoying onsen and local foods’ was 53%, which was 5 lower points than the the total average.

Among 30s males, the ratio of ‘enjoying my favorites’ was 63%, which was 5 higher points than the total average.

The top motivation for a day trip was ‘having time enough for a day trip,’ which was the top even among 20s and 30s males. Interestingly, 52% of 30s males answered ‘no special reason,’ which was 10 higher points than the total average. 

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