The sharing economy market scale of Japan is expected to double to 29 billion JPY in 2015

The latest research on sharing economy market of Japan, conducted by market solution provider Yano Research, finds that the market scale was up 34.7% year on year to 23,276 million JPY in FY2014, boosted by an increase in services provided by foreign companies in Japan and also more sharing economy-friendly environment than before.

In FY2015, sharing economy services for accommodation and space are growing, and companies beginning sharing economy services for money are increasing after equity investment-typed crowdfunding was lifted. In addition, successive appearances of sharing services for fashion contribute to growth of the sharing economy market for goods. Based on the ongoing market changes, Yano Research has forecasted the market scale may increase by 24.6% year on year to 29,000 million JPY in 2015.

In three years from FY2016 to FY2018, expansion of the inbound travel market is expected to increase needs for transportation and accommodation sharing economy services. As a result, Yano Research has forecasted that the market scale may grow to 46,200 million JPY in FY2018 with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.7%.

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