Japan Tourism Agency adds disaster information in its providing app ‘Safety tips’ for foreign visitors

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) adds disaster information in ‘Safety tips,’ which is a push-typed information app providing for foreign visitors available from October in 2014. Also, Chinese (simple/traditional), Korean and Japanese in addition to English are now available. Japanese is useful for Japanese service providers to assist foreigners in case of disaster.

Safety tips used to focus on sending information on earthquake and Tsunami mainly. By providing additional information on another nature disasters, JTA tries to develop an assistance system for more comfort travel in Japan by foreigners.

Weather information on heavy rain, heavy snow, storm, blizzard, ocean wave, surge and flood is reported in case of Warning or Special Warning. In case of earthquake, Earthquake Early Warning for Level 4 or higher is reported. Also, eruption warning, including information location, warning level and necessary actions, is available now.

In Japanese

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