Travel spending a Chinese in Japan reduced by 23% in three months from April 2016

Japan Tourism Agency announced that travel spending by international visitors in Japan was up 7.2% year on year to 955.3 billion JPY in three months from April to June 2016. Travel spending a traveler, however, reduced by about 10% to 159,930 JPY, and spending a Chinese traveler particularly reduced by 22.9% to 220,000 JPY.

The table below shows quarterly changes of travel spending by international visitors and the number of international visitors:


The highest travel spending a traveler was 238,275 JPY by a Vietnamese (+13.7%), followed by 233,902 JPY by a Russian (+56.8%) and 219,996 JPY by a Chinese (-22.9%).

The top market spending money in Japan was China with 353 billion JPY (a share of 37%), followed by Taiwan with 142.7 billion JPY (15%), Korea with 69.5 billion JPY (7.3%) and U.S. with 66.9 billion JPY (7.0%). For China, an increase in travelers offset a decrease in travel spending a traveler.

The table below shows travel spending by market:


Regarding consumption by item, the largest share was found in shopping (37.8%), followed by accommodation (27.8%) and dinning (20.1%). In comparison with a year ago, a share of shopping was down, while shares of accommodation, dinning and transportation were up.

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