Travel spending in Japan a international visitor reduces by 8.5% in the 1Q of 2017

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) announced that travel spending in Japan by international visitors in the first quarter of 2017 (January to March 2017) increased by 4.0% year on year to 967.9 billion JPY. Travel spending per capita, however, reduced by 8.5% to 148,066 JPY from 176,168 JPY in 2015.

The table below shows changes of travel spending and visitors in the last six years:


The top market in travel spending per capita was Spain with 248,834 JPY (+18.5%), followed by Australia with 240,752 JPY (-15.5%) and China with 225,489 JPY (-14.9%). The large growths were found in Thailand with 141,876 JPY (+10.8%), Germany with 146,503 JPY (+11.8%) and Russia with 196,177 JPY (+17.9%).  

The top market in travel spending was China with 371.8 billion JPY (-4.7%, a share of 38.4%), followed by Taiwan with 133.4 billion JPY (-0.4%, a share of 13.8%), Korea with 118 billion JPY (+19.1%, a share of 12.2%), Hong Kong with 80.1 billion JPY (+2.8%, a share of 8.3%) and U.S. with +20.9%, a share of 4.8%). Spending by the top five markets accounted for 77.4% of the total.

The table below shows travel spending by market:


A total of 374.8 billion JPY was spent for shopping, which accounted for 38.7% of the total. Spending for lodgings amounted to 254.3 billion JPY (a share of 26.3%), and foods and drinks to 191.3 billion JPY (a share of 19.8%). 

The table below shows composition of spending by category:


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