Travelers to Kansai from Asia are interested in local foods - DBJ survey

Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) Kansai Office recently conducted the trend survey on travelers from Asian eight countries and regions to Kansai. According to the survey result, experiences of travel to Kansai accounted for about 60% (1,123 respondents) of the total of experiences of travel to Japan (1,867 respondents). In China, one time visit to Kansai reached 60% of the total of experiences of travel to Kansai, while experiences of travel to Kansa at four times or more accounted for over 40% in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The survey was conducted online for Korea, China (Shanghai and Beijing), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in the period from September 9 to 16 2014. Respondents were 4,000 male and female experiences of overseas travels from 20 to 59 years old.

By region in the Kansai area, the highest awareness rate was 68.9% for Osaka overall, and the rates in Taiwan (80.2%) and Hong Kong (79.4%) were higher than in other countries and regions. The second highest awareness rate was found in Kyoto (62.8%), followed by Kobe (50.2%) and Nara (32.8%).

The top motivation among experiences of travel to Kansai was ‘to enjoy local foods’ with the ratio of 86.9%, and also answers related to dinning experiences, such as ‘ to enjoy tasty foods at reasonable prices (75.7%)’ or ‘to enjoy favorite foods (72.8%),’ ranked in the top five. The ratio of ‘to see famous historical heritages’ was 71.1%.

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