Twenty-four percent of Japanese students have both domestic and overseas graduation travel plans

The survey on graduation travel to 2,880 users of LINE, the Japan’s leading communication app, conducted by i.JTB, finds that a share of students who will have plans or who have experienced reaches 68% of the total. The average number of graduation travels is 1.7 per student.

Destination-wise, a share is 61% for travel in Japan and 12% for travel overseas, and a share of both accounts for 24% of the total.


The top memorable destinations in Japan are Hokkaido for male travelers and theme park for female travelers. The top memorable overseas destinations are Europe, followed by Asia and Hawaii, for male travelers and Asia, followed by Europe and North America, for female  travelers.


The survey was conducted on LINE users with JTB official accounts and friend users in the period for July 30 to August 16 2015. Valid answers were 582 from males and 2,298 from females.

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