Japan ranks 2nd in booking travel via mobile, according to Euromonitor survey

The Euromonitor International survey on the travel industry trend finds that Sweden is the top country in terms of sales of travel bookings via mobiles in 2014, followed by Japan and Australia.

The following table shows travel booking results via mobiles by market:


Euromonitor analyzes that bookings via mobiles including smart phones have already accounted for one-fifth of the total online bookings and also forecasts that a share of booking via mobiles will rise to 26% of the total in 2019, out of which bookings via OTA may reach 35%.

With regard to sales by the world’s leading OTAs, Expedia and Priceline were two giant OTA groups with annual sales of more than $50 billion each, followed by Orbitz (purchased by Expedia in 2015), eDreams Odigeo and Ctrip.

Euromonitor says that it is possible for newcomers to stand out as key players in the future, though mega OTAs may continue dominating the market for a while.

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