Trustworthy information sources in Japan are word of mouth from a family or friends for women and reliable media for men

The latest Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company’s survey on communication between companies and consumers finds that the most trustworthy  information source for 20’s to 50’s women was word of mouth from family members or friends (30.5% for 20’s, 32.7% for 30’s, 27.9% for 40’s and 30% for 50’s), and for men, the ratio of reliable media (TV, newspaper or website) exceeded 30% overall.

The results came from a question about what is your most trustworthy  information source for consumption.


The survey also discovers that consumers tended to report dissatisfaction or concerns about products, services or shops to family members or friends, not directly to companies or shops, and the ratio of the tendency reached 80% or higher among 30’s women. Also, in the case of satisfaction or happiness, consumers tended to report it to family members or friends, according to the survey result.

The survey was conducted to 2,000 20 to 69 years old men and women living in Kanto and Kansai areas in December 2015.

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