Japan Sports Agency reveals marketing survey results on sports tourism of inbound travelers in 2017

The survey on sport tourism, conducted by Japan Sports Agency targeting China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, U.S.A., Thailand and Australia, finds that popular sports to do in Japan are nature sports, such as skiing, snowboard, climbing, hiking, trekking or walking. Popular sports to see in Japan are Sumo, jyudo, karate and snow sports.

In China, the most popular sports to do are climbing, hiking, trekking (37%), and the most popular sports to see are Japanese martial sports including Sumo (50.7%), Chinese people expect to enjoy sports in combination with famous tourist spots or Japanese foods (42.7%), while they are not relatively interested in sports exchanges or sports lesson (17.3%) and purchase of sports goods (23%).

In Thailand, people are interested in snow sports (42.3%) and cycling (37.7%) as sports to do in Japan. It is noteworthy that the ratio of men who want to see soccer games reaches 52.7%. 

The most-used information channel is generally search engine, followed by TV program, travel magazine, travel guidebook or word of mouth. The results vary with countries, as high ratios are found in YouTube in Thailand (36.6%), SNS or blog in Korea (35.7%) and travel company’s official website in China (36.3%). 

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