42% of Japanese people do not purchase SDGs-oriented travel if it is more expensive

The latest JTB Tourism Research & Consulting’s awareness survey on the relation between SDGs and travel of Japanese consumers finds that the ratio of respondents who purchase SDGs-oriented travel if it is more expensive is around 30%, which is lower than about 35% for electric goods, foods, daily commodities or clothes.


Regarding acceptable range in price, 41.7% say that they do not choose SDGs-oriented travel if it is more expensive than normal travel. Other answers are 1.3% for acceptance of 30% or higher price, 2.7% for acceptance of around 20% higher price, 7.4% for acceptance of around 10% higher price and 17.8% for acceptance of around 5% higher price.

The survey also shows that a major reason for choosing SDGs-oriented travel is the good images or attitudes to provider’s SDGs activities. 

By region, the highest awareness to SDGs is found in Tokyo Metropolitan area with 30.2%, followed by Shikoku with 24.9%, Kinki with 24.2% and Tokai with 24.1%. Tokyo Metropolitan area also has the highest ratio of 31.3% in terms of practical SDGs actions.

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