Amazon users exceed 50 million in Japan, boosted by an increase in mobile users

Nielsen, a digital marketing survey and data analysis provider, announced that Amazon users in Japan were up 10% year on year to 50.04 million in April 2019. The large growths were found in mercari with 33% up to 22.16 million and Rakuma with 34% up to 11.15 million. Rakuten users were just up 8% to 48.04 million. 

Compared to a year ago, PC users for Amazon and Rakuten reduced to below 30% of the total, and instead mobile users increased from 65% to 73% for Amazon and from 69% to 78% for Rakuten, as the graph below shows.


Looking at mobile users for Amazon, Rakuten, mercari and Rakuam by gender, only Amazon increased female users, and other three increased male users. 

In Japanese

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