ANA ensures 10% or more bookings both for domestic and international flights in the 2016-2017 New Year holidays

ANA increased international flight bookings for this coming New Year holiday period (December 22 2016 to January 3 2017) by 13.4% year on year to 367,694, providing 450,992 seats (+9.6%). The booking rate was 81.5%, 2.7 higher points than a year earlier. (Results as of December 16 2016)

ANA ensured more bookings from Japan to Europe, China and Asia/Oceania, and the booking rates of Asia/Oceania and Hawaii flights particularly reached 87% and 87.3% respectively. The busiest day for departures from Japan will be December 29 with the booking rate of 93.3%, and for arrivals in Japan December 22 with 87.8%.

ANA also increased domestic flight bookings by 10% to 1,640,803, though it reduced available seats by 0.6% to 2,461,759. The booking rate was 66.7%, 6.4 higher points than a year earlier. Bookings for all destinations exceeded the last year’s results, and the booking rates reached 71.2% for Kansai and 71.4% for Okinawa. The busiest days will be December 29 for flights from Tokyo (93.5%) and January 3 for flights to Tokyo (94.3%).

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