Domestic travel consumption of Japan reduced by 8% to 1.8 trillion JPN in 2014

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) reported that domestic travel consumption of Japan in 2014 reduced by 8.1% year on year to 1,855 billion JPN in total, which consisted of 1,401 billion JPN for overnight trip (-9.1%) and 4,537 billion JPN for day trip (-5.0%).

The total number of travelers was down 5.7% to 595.2 million, which were divided into 297.3 million overnight trippers (-7.2%) and 297.9 million day trippers (-4.1%). The definitive result shows that the overnight trip market was worse than the day trip market in terms of both the amount of consumption and the number of travelers.

By travel purpose, travelers for fun and for visit to friends or homecoming reduced in both overnight trip and day trip. For business travel, overnight trippers reduced, but increase in day trippers contributed to year-on-year growths of both the amount of consumption and the number of travelers in total.

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